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Lincoln Drug Analog and Designer Drug Lawyer Synthetic Drug Defense

ContentsPossession of Analog / Analogue DrugsFormer U.S. generals explain how U.S. and German tanks can help UkraineFederal Analogue ActFederal Analog ActU.S. Code § 813 - Treatment of controlled substance analogues An offense under Subsection is a felony of the first degree if the amount of the controlled substance to which the offense applies is, by [...]

May 16, 2022|Sober living|

Understanding alcohol use disorders and their treatment

ContentIndependent factors associated with AUDStudy Setting and PopulationNicotine use disorderRenewal Center for Ongoing RecoveryAlcohol use disorder and disorders within the externalising dimension of psychopathologyIn what way is alcoholism a mental health disorder? The sooner you recognize there may be a problem and talk to your healthcare provider, the better your recovery chances. Continuing to drink [...]

July 8, 2021|Sober living|

DRINKING FOR TWO: Nutritious Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be

ContentsSubstance Abuse Treatment ProgramsUnderstanding AddictionI found new favorite drinks.Have we overlooked the influence of "wine-mom" culture on alcohol consumption among mothers?Drinking/Eating For Two shirt set - pregnancy announcement shirts gift set MMAT-095-SetDrinking Mom Excessive alcohol use can also cause serious health problems, including liver problems, cancer, and cognitive decline. Yvonne, who also became sober in [...]

January 25, 2021|Sober living|

20 Ways to Avoid Peer Pressure

ContentTeach Teens Coping StrategiesWhat strategies can help handle negative peer pressure?Parents Matter More Than PeersReinforce ValuesRelated articles Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal. It's possible that a friend who is peer pressuring you simply wants to spend more time with you or connect with you, but they don't know how else to ask. Saying "no" can [...]

November 26, 2020|Sober living|