Project Description

Bottola – JITA

The Design brief for this project was to create  a market place point for  a particular community.  The NGO, JITA  has developed a program through which they empower local women called “Aparajitas” to link remote villages from a nodal village. They help sell a varied range of merchandise to families living in remote areas. The project was named “bottola” to allude to the shade under the banyan tree which often creates a shelter and meeting point in a village.

This was a pilot project and our aim was to design a module that can be replicated in many other villages. In order to develop the construction process as a community endeavor we used traditional materials and construction methods such at bamboo structure and mud bricks. Each bottola structure has a small store, a toilet and a room which can be utilized by the community for different purposes i.e.  vocational training or medical sessions by visiting doctors. In each bottola we have tried to create  a space that can be used by the community as a meeting point