Project Description

Project Location: Gulshan 1,Dhaka.

Client Name: Abid Mansur

Categories: Restaurant & Café

Area: 630 sft

Completion Year:  2022

Many individuals who have enjoyed Western movies have often felt the irresistible desire to experience the ambiance and aroma of a French-style bakery. Delifrance in Dhaka serves as the ideal destination to fulfill that subconscious longing. Abid Mansur, the Managing Director of Les Bleus Ltd. and the proprietor of Delifrance in Bangladesh, has been drawn to the healthcare and wellness sector due to his passion for squash. Delifrance’s baked goods are crafted using flour sourced from Grands Moulins de Paris, a prominent French milling company with a history dating back to 1919. The recipes offered adhere to the franchise’s standards, and any new additions are rigorously vetted and approved by Paris. Consequently,the offerings on the menu not only meet international quality standards but also encompass a diverse range of savory dishes, in addition to beloved items such as croissants and finger foods.

Neeman Karim, Md. Ishak Mia, and their team brought their prior experience working with international companies to the project, which proved invaluable in executing the design seamlessly. The resulting atmosphere is both chic and welcoming, defined by a themed color palette featuring vibrant orange hues and various shades of blue. The foundational layout provided by the European company was skillfully adapted to the available space. All materials used were locally sourced and tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring a sustainable approach. The restaurant’s segmentation and zoning, encompassing variations in chairs, lighting, and flooring, are distinctly noticeable and well-organized, creating lasting memories and filling the void for a perfect French bakery in town