Project Description

Health Complex.

25.75  bigha land to be developed for a Joint Social Venture between Grameen Kalyan and Caledonian College of Nursing that will house a Nursing School, Hospital and other functions.

The Health Complex One Project was designed to integrate a large multi-use facility housing the Samajik Medical Collge and 500 Bed Hospital along with the Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing. The teaching, medical and dormitory facilities are placed into one flowing space that takes into account the functional and psychological needs of its users and allows them to co-exist in a free and breathable space.

The Master Plan of the complex has utilized Traditional Planning to achieve sustainability in design. The building masses are organized into interconnected linear forms using open corridors.

A myriad of different functions have been organized into these blocks. In order to be able to create successful spaces as varied in purpose as living, teaching, learning, medical treatment, patient recovery etc the design borrows from traditional building practices for light and air circulation. Large apertures, spanning two to three floor levels have been integrated into the blocks that allow for air circulation as well as provide a visual connectivity.